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Here's the low down; Lowdown Towne's Root Sauce is a juke box sound that can play it all from jump to swing to swamp to zydeco, R&B, and the blues. Founder, vocalist, and harp master Phil "Lowdown" Towne feels the new moniker perfectly fits this saucy, Northeast band. Though its musical ties are always close to the blues, cuts like "Howl" jump off the bandstand and "Bon Temp Roulez" is pure cayenne pepper. Versatile Boston sax man Gordon Beadle guests on both tracks.
Jeff Larson's slide guitar on the swampy "Don't Get Lost In The Bayou" drifts through Spanish moss while percussionist Tod Ellyson adds the spooky voodoo creaks. Towne sings of the blues man's dues in "Roadhouse Church". Their cover of Lee Dorsey's "Ya Ya" utilizes the New Orleans beat this song demands.
Their blues is forged from nearly four years of road-tested gigs. Harmonica edged wails, high energy sliding, and clever vocal hooks on the eleven originals make this debut a very impressive gumbo.
This band is one of the first regional bands to have a home page on the internet. Dip a spoon into cyberspace and give this sauce a taste.

Art Tipaldi - Blues Review magazine (Dec 96/Jan 97 issue of worlds biggest distribution blues mag!)

Led by singer/songwriter/harp player Phil "Lowdown" Towne, Root Sauce creates a stylish blend of contemporary blues-rock. This New England based band was formed in the early 1990's and has been making waves in the blues community ever since. Their knowledge of of various musical genres ranging from jump-blues, New Orleans' zydeco, funk and R&B make for an explosive format of high-energy good-time music"

- the management at House of Blues, Cambridge, MA

This is a powerful album! The music is familiar yet all-together different. They have their own sound with all the styles they bring to the mix. Solid musicianship, ideas and energy make a good combination. I like this CD alot!
- Anson Funderburg (Texas blues guitarist)

"A Lowdown Experience"
- (Reviewer's write-up for July issue of "Blues Rag"

"ROOT SAUCE"(BlueLine, 1996)
By Mark Smith

You are out of town on a long business trip. The days are long, the company is bad. After three nights of channel surfing the hotel walls are crushing you. Staying in is no longer an option. You hit the streets. After wandering aimlessly for a while you realize you are lost. The streets get narrower and darker and you realize there is someone behind you. Your pace quickens along with your heartbeat. Suddenly you see a dingy neon sign that simply says: "Bar". A hand written poster in the window says "Lowdown Towne tonight". The footsetps get closer. Even though the place looks well past its years you turn in glad for the chance to be off the street.

To your surprise the quiet of the outside gives way to a mass of sweating,< undulating bodies propelled by a blues groove laid down by four young white< guys. The intense heat drives you to the bar for a beer. The band suddenly shifts gears and lays down some swampy soul music that evolves into a smokin' Zydeco groove which soon mutates into a swinging blues number. A friendly soul buys you a drink. "What is it?" you'll ask. "Root Sauce" replies the bartender. "It's different but you'll like it." You down it in one gulp. Your natural reluctance to dance in public melts away and you soon find yourself moving to the beat. Before you know it you're in the middle of the dance floor howlin' like a dog and strutting like a rooster. You know you should leave but the band just keeps pumping out blues, rock-n-roll, funk and New Orleans style grooves that won't let you go. Wailing harmonica. Swinging guitar. Rubboards. Percussion. More beer. More dance. More Root Sauce. Things begin to blur.

You open your eyes. It's morning. You are in your hotel room. The TV is on just as its been the last three mornings. But something is different. Your feet hurt and strangely enough you have a CD clutched to your chest: Lowdown Towne - Root Sauce. You have no idea how it got there but you instinctively know it has something to do with the big smile on your face.

...Here's another review...

Root Sauce is a barn-burner of a debut CD by Lowdown Towne. Rooted in blues, R&B, jazz and southern soul, this unit conjures images of elusive steamy swamps, riverboats on the Delta and hot summer nights on Bourbon Street. This collection includes everything from the swampy Don't Get Lost In The Bayou - the humorous Metermaid Mothers Eat Their Young - the Gospel-tinged Roadhouse Church, to the exhilarating Howl. Lowdown Towne does it all with dazzling originality.

The exceptional musicianship, song writing, arrangements and production values should take this band to the next level. Music that makes us laugh, dance and smile will never go out of style - and neither will Lowdown Towne.

- Leslie Ann Knight
Monday Morning Blues KKUP 91.5 FM, Cupertino, CA